220 Lincoln Blvd

Forte Real Estate Development

Coming Soon: 220 Lincoln Blvd

Forte Real Estate Development is committed to working with Middlesex Borough to revitalize Lincoln Boulevard. A new mixed-use building at 220 and 232 Lincoln Blvd will transform vacant and under-utilized properties into a vibrant location with amenity-filled apartments, new retail spaces and an improved streetscape.

“Our goal is to bring to life the vision Middlesex Borough has for Lincoln Boulevard by building upon the success of The Lofts at 150 Lincoln.”

Massimo Pinelli, CEO
Forte Real Estate Development
220 Lincoln Boulevard

Project Details

  • Continue redevelopment of Lincoln Blvd. into traditional “Main Street” with mixed-use development.
  • New development will feature approximately 200 units of one-bedroom apartments, one-bedroom apartments with a den, and two-bedroom apartments.
  • Include three retail spaces for new businesses.
  • Meets the redevelopment plan requirements for parking.
  • Will provide new revenue for the borough to provide important services.
  • Over 10,000 square feet of Indoor and outdoor space.